Did you know that comfort foods increase stress? What should be eliminated from the diet immediately

Certain Foods Increase Stress – The Velvet Pattern

Comfort food increases stress! Do you know what it is? You must pay close attention to what you eat!

Stress is the evil of our time. Immersed in the frantic rhythms of daily life, we do nothing but sprint from one place to another, between family and professional obligations.

The consequences of this chaotic lifestyle inevitably have ramifications for the psychophysical state of health, here pressure. Symptoms such as sadness, agitation, nervousness, and short temper appear. In severe cases, seizures occur insomnia Which can last up to months, with consequent imbalances in appetite as well. The so-called stress hormone, in fact cortisol If its levels are too high, it is harmful to the body and psyche. But did you know that there are some foods that only increase stress?

Stress, resorting to food does not help and in fact can make the problem worse

It is about the so-called comfort food That is, comfort foods that bring an immediate sense of well-being. That’s why when you’re feeling especially down, sad, and stressed, you feel attacked by the craving for these foods.

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Do you eat because you feel stressed? velvet pattern

Eating comfort foods ensures the production of hormones that lead to an immediate feeling of relaxation, but be careful that in the long run it leads to the opposite effect. When you feel stressed it is easy to resort to this trick, i.e. to seek relief through High-calorie foods such as fast food or particularly sugary foods. But it is a habit that must be eradicated.

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In fact, high values ​​are released into the body dopamine, insulin, cortisol and leptin, Materials that bring an immediate sense of well-being, but in the long run make you more stressed! to fight pressure And anxiety therefore one must not resort to food, but seek concrete help from a mental health expert who knows how to guide towards the solution of the problem.

In fact, eating to feel better is a “trap” that many people fall into, but there is a risk of creating a vicious circle that is dangerous to health. In fact, eating these foods continuously favors a rapid weight gain, As a result, you will then feel doubly sad and frustrated. This is why it is essential to run for cover to take care of your body and mind. It must be emphasized that no food should be ridiculed, even foods that are high in calories can be easily enjoyed, just don’t overdo it.

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