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Warning from the manufacturers of Fitbit: wear their clothes hours It may be dangerous. the reason? “The ionic form may heat up and burn, causing Even severe burns. More than 100 people have complained about the effect of some accessories. Therefore, users were advised to “immediately stop using the recalled ionic smartwatches” and contact Fitbit for a refund.

The latter will be equal to $299. But not only because the company also committed to giving her a 40 percent discount on a new purchase. The recall, which is determined by the company’s management, is valid only for the Ionian model, not for other Fitbit smartwatches. The watches in question were sold between September 2017 and December 2021 and Fitbit Production stopped From the model in question already in 2020.

To help those who report issues, the Fitbit website has a dedicated kit section that includes instructions for returning the watches. Here he will be present Q&A section Which addresses problems that users may encounter. This, of course, includes a warning that the smartwatch should be taken off and not used, even if it appears to be operating normally or hasn’t caused any problems yet.

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