Did the PS5 become a poor console with the first revision?

Sony last week began marketing a Revised model of PlayStation 5 Features identification code CFI-1102A. In the absence of official notes, we had to wait for the feedback of the first users to find out news of the new iteration of the next-generation console.

We told you a few days ago about the existence of PS5 position is differentIt has a lower weight and is supplied with a screw that does not require a screwdriver for installation. The news also appears to be deepening under the hood of the console. Specialist Austin Evans dismantled the console piece by piece and discovered a Much smaller heatsink (weighs 300g less) and New wi-fi chip Which on paper should solve the issues some players identified when launching the console.

Evans and his colleague conclude their analysis with a verdict The new PS5 model is poorer than the originalBecause the smaller heatsink, although it reduces the overall weight of the console, does not reduce heat as efficiently, as it is attached to the same chip. And according to their testimony CFI-1102A heats up more. The two experts also pointed to the story of PlayStation 3 updates, a console that they say has steadily deteriorated with each new hardware review Sony has made.

“The first real PS5 update we’ve seen in less than a year can undoubtedly count as a file Degradation of the original console, at least in terms of temperatures and cooling”Evans explains. At the top of this piece of news, you’ll find the full video analysis, while at the bottom you can notice the clear difference in size between the two heat sinks (the old on the left, the new on the right).

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Update at 13:00 — Austin Evans’ remarks caught the attention of the Digital Foundry editorial team, who — after praising the analysis as excellent — I called Sony Seek explanations regarding the engineering choices behind this decision. We are looking forward to contact from the Japanese manufacturer.

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