Did the planes blow it up with a win? Why wait for the Eagles to start Jalen Hurts? Judging NFL excesses at Week 15

When you like a team, you always enjoy watching your team win. right?

Like, if you’re a fan of the Jets, and you’ve watched every game this season while they lost, lost, and lost, sometimes in inexplicable ways, and interfered in Week 15 with a 0-13 record, you must have absolutely loved watching them defeat the Rams on Sunday. right???

It was a dominant win. Historic victory. According to Elias Sports Bureau, the Jets are the second 0–13 team in NFL history to win a match they were never late. The other was the 1962 Raiders, who defeated the Patriots in Week 15 of that season, and if you were using Google Raiders 1962, You learn the cool truth that the midfielder’s name was Cotton Davidson. That’s cool too, isn’t it? right??????

You can see where I’m going with this. Aircraft propellers, or at least a meaningful percentage of them, might actually be Not Be happy their team won on Sunday. After enduring so long during a brutal and victorious season, the fan base is starting to feel comfortable knowing, at the very least, that they’ll be getting the # 1 overall pick in 2021 NFL Project And a shot in the star Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Jaguars entered Sunday number 1-12 and got waxed by the Ravens at the early Sunday window. So the Jets fans knew their team needed to lose to stay “ahead” of Jacksonville in the race over Lawrence.

Cue the clichés. Jets don’t even know how to properly lose, etc. It might be unconventional to lead the over-reaction column in Week 15 with the two worst teams in the league, but hey, it was an unconventional year:

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The Jets win was their most disappointing game of the season

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