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From Federica Banderali

The sovereign is likely to abandon the stiletto heel for a long time, which can lead to an increase in tissue near the nerves of the foot. This disorder can also lead to surgery

Recently, watchers of the royal realm saw her in pain. Some manifestations of Queen Letizia of Spain’s pain have not gone unnoticed, even by the paparazzi. And now, the official confirmation from Spanish royal family: Your Majesty, Wife of King Philip VI, suffers from Morton’s neuromaPerineurial fibrosis, which is caused by an increase in the size of the tissue surrounding the nerves of the toes. Possible causes of this disorder include increased pressure or nerve damage caused by the constant use of narrow, high-heeled shoes. It’s really hard to see Queen Letizia in low or flat shoes.

Tingling and burning lead to severe pain in the nerve endings of the foot. In extreme cases, surgery is necessary. It seems that at the present time the Spanish king advised the use of insoles and pads to stabilize the feet. And she’ll probably have to ditch her beloved shoes for a while, too.

Oct 14, 2022 (changed Oct 14, 2022 | 16:21)

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