Diadora Race: US sales tripled and investments in resettlement

Sales tripled: Excellent news arrives for Diadora from the US, one of the fastest recovering markets at the moment. In fact, Venetian expects to close the year with revenue of 9.7 million euros, compared to 3.2 million in 2020, to reach 25 million by 2023. “It rewards our distribution strategy for both sports and lifestyle products, accompanied by 73 years of Italian history. The original – explains Enrico Moretti Poligato, president of the company since 2010, the year the company was acquired by Lir Holdings. Moreover, in the United States, Diadora is not only a brand associated with running, but also with football, the sport that It is practiced in schools, and it is another part in which we are growing along with tennis.”

The development of Diadora, founded in Caerano di San Marco (Treviso) in 1948, is guided by investments in research and innovation: “Improving performance is our permanent goal – says Moretti Polegato -. Now our dynamic cushioning technology has become so successful, adapting A shoe with running style. We are creating new cushioning systems, which is a major theme in modern running, like the lightness expressed by our Volo products, one of the lightest shoes.”


All forms of sustainability, from materials to social commitment

Innovation also aimed at sustainability, understood as a process and system that engages the entire company. Diadora, on the other hand, means “sharing gifts and honors”: “must be followed step-by-step – he explains -.” Mi Baskets, one of our most popular shoes, for Spring/Summer 2022 will also be made from an alternative material to leather made from grape leather. We also use it in our T-shirts to our “Manifesto” group: we have collected the most beautiful phrases about the meaning of a step in sports on our social networks, and we will report them on clothes » .

For two consecutive years, Diadora has also been awarded the Gold Medal for Ecovadis certification: “Our headquarters are powered by renewable energy, we’ve eliminated single-use plastics, and the lights are LEDs,” he continues. Sustainability is also a social commitment: “Every year we celebrate Women’s Day by donating a scholarship to a deserving student without whom she would not have the opportunity to continue her education – says Moretti Poligato -. We also collaborate with the Simon Peres Center for Peace: he was a dear family friend, and we decided Sponsoring the sports activities of the centre, in Tel Aviv, to encourage dialogue even by allowing children to play together.”

Another step in the resettlement process at the end of the year

In 2015, Diadora began the re-supply process, which led to the opening of a plant in Caerano di San Marco to produce the top of the range: “In the second half of the year we will announce a very important novelty, which Diadora will also have an important symbolic value.” The result of all this, the numbers: in 2019, Diadora’s turnover reached 168 million euros, and in 2021 we expect “mid-double-digit” growth, guided by the innovative projects we have focused on. In addition to the United States, we are also doing well in the Benelux: in Antwerp, Mi Basket is a symbol of elegance.”

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