Diablo Immortal, a closed alpha release available on Android tonight: all the details –

The Immortal Diablo It will be the protagonist of Alpha is closed It Male in appearance Starting tonight, to be exact 2.00 AM on April 23, 2021, for a limited number of users who signed up for the test, journalists, and creatives.

After BlizzConline 2021 preview, Diablo Immortal can thus be attempted again, as a preview, in a second. Exam in which Lots of updates, new features and systems will be introduced.

The closed alpha will remain Available For several weeks, so players can experience all the content to the best of their ability with plenty of time to provide feedback.

So, what are Contents Coming to closed alpha for Diablo Immortal? Below is a brief description of what we have in store, but have a look at Our blog To get a more in-depth overview of new content.

The Immortal Diablo, The Fight Sequence.

New end game and PvP systems

Conflict cycleFaction-Based Endgame System – Characters will fight as Shadows or Immortals in various PvP and PvA activities in a continuous course to claim the throne as the last defenders of the Sanctuary.

  • Shade – The Shadows congregate in groups known as Dark Houses to confront the Immortals in various ways, including raids on their precious treasury. The Shadows must also complete contracts to grow their homes and eventually be able to challenge the Immortals to a PvP battle through a ritual exile, to try to take their place as the new defenders of the Sanctuary.
  • Immortals – The Immortals are the elite defenders who stand against a smoldering Hell. They must fight to increase their dominance and defend themselves from the shadows to stay in command. The character will gain the right to command the Immortals and assign up to four Lieutenants to take on the crowns of formidable strength that will benefit them and their allies in battle.

The Immortal Diablo, the official artwork.
The Immortal Diablo, the official artwork.

battlefield8v8 PvP Team Battle – Characters can participate in an epic 8v8 team battle in Battlefield, where they must fight two groups, divided into attackers and defenders, for supremacy.

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New endgame feature, deductive – Inferiquary allows characters to identify and confront powerful demonic bosses. Once defeated, characters can corner them and take back incredible rewards.

Core transmission system has been added – Characters can extract Gems from the legendary items they have obtained and transfer them to other Legendary items in their group to customize them and create the perfect item.

Extended content:

  • Crusader, a new class is available The Crusader is a mid-range hybrid giant (spellcaster / melee) who possesses powerful weapons, is equipped with heavy armor and virtuous sacred magic. Crusader will be usable with Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk and Mage (Necromancers will arrive in a future test stage)
  • Increased the maximum level from 45 to 55 – Characters will be able to advance to level 55 and will be able to access the new Tree of Excellence at maximum level.
  • Two new areas to explore Defending Mount Zwain from the Khazar goats who threaten the monks’ homeland. He traversed the frozen tundra, a snow-covered wasteland where the remnants of Baal’s armies still lay after the fall of the Lord of Destruction.
  • A new shipment has been added – The Echo Cave, located in the heart of the frozen tundra, is where all characters can hunt down the mysterious relic called Tear of the Frosty Burn.

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