Devolver was criticized as ‘heretical’ by a Christian fan, here’s the answer –

Pregnancy worship It is one of the latest hit songs of Devolver Digital, the top independent publisher that has been delivering quality work for years. But this time, the publisher is under attack because the game will be “hereticBut Devolver responded to the Christian fan in his usual manner.

As you can see below, through a tweet, Devolver Digital showed an email exchange with a fan, whose name and address have apparently been blocked. The Fan writes: “You’re a publisher from Austin, Texas, how can you in good faith publish a game so heretical? I don’t understand how a good Christian can conscientiously support such a thing.”

there Devolver’s answer It was very close and it was very simple but very ‘character’. The publisher wrote: “Our dark master, who is waiting, is commanded.”

Pregnancy worship It’s a game that puts us in the shoes of a new leader of a religious cult (with invented gods), but the whole adventure is, of course, ridiculous. The graphic style is cartoonish and there is no shortage of jokes and references that illuminate adventure and tone.

You can read our review at this address.

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