Development is in the final stages, says producer Naoki Yoshida –

The Development from Final Fantasy 16 located in Final stages: announced in Producer From the game, Naoki Yoshida, during an interview with the official magazine of the clothing brand Uniqlo.

Although a Final Fantasy 16 release in 2022 is unlikely for Jason Schreyer, it appears there is now little time to complete the works. It is not clear, however, whether a testing phase has been considered.

“Currently, the development of Final Fantasy 16 is in its final stages,” Yoshida said. “Because it is a single player game, we aim to further enrich the game Date and the Play. ”

“This is a different approach from online games that many people play at the same time: when a product focuses on the individual experience, it changes the way one participates in the game. plot. “

“I think the story of Final Fantasy 16 has gained a lot of depth. A lot of people have grown up, got started, and realized that reality isn’t as easy as a video game, and at some point they gave up on Final Fantasy.”

“Well, for those people specifically, we want to remember the passion they once had: We’re creating a game with this exact intent.”

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