Deus Vayanne, the most powerful electric supercar ever introduced. compiled at Moncalieri-

We haven’t been to past shows yet, where concepts like mushrooms have popped up, but at the New York International Auto Show there were some interesting ideas. The cover undoubtedly goes to Vayanne’s electric supercar. So far, only a few teasers have been seen for this model and it was known that the first project of Deus Automobiles (an Austrian startup, based in Vienna) was carried out in close collaboration with Italdesign for style and Williams Advanced powertrain and frame engineering. Finally, the model appeared in the form of a prototype and did not go unnoticed. “The aim was not only to create a car of more than 2,000 hp, but also a vehicle capable of combining exceptional performance, luxury and ‘maximum usability’ for every day of the week.” Also for this reason, the height from the ground of 12 cm is not typical for the most dangerous sports.

500 km of autonomy

Deus Automobiles did not want to provide exact technical details, but allowed us to tell that, according to its simulations, the supercar will be able to count on 1,640 kW (2230 hp) with 2,000 Nm of maximum torque. Thus, the performance will be very high given that we are talking about more than 400 km / h of top speed and a time of only 1.99 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h. Estimated range is up to 500 km. We’re at the world’s fastest production car levels, but we’re repeating these numbers given by the startup. . The concept, already close to a production model, was developed and assembled at the Italdesign site near Turin, where it will be produced in a limited edition of just 99 units. Manufacturing is expected to begin at the end of 2022, while the first deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2025.

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strip of light

Pictures of the model speak to Vayanne’s design. Despite being a super powerful car, its aesthetics are not at all exaggerated, on the contrary it is harmonious and well balanced. The most recognizable part is the rounded rear part, where the LED line around the rear of the car is visible, laying a black grille inside with many holes. Below the extractor area is visible, very well. The interiors have nothing to envy the most luxurious cars from premium manufacturers, with the best technological equipment and high-quality finishes. La Vayanne can count on what the company calls the Halo Infinity Mirror, a multi-light strip that envelops the entire indoor environment and is an original touch. Finally, the upholstery is made of “sustainable” leather according to fashion trends.

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