Detroit Become Human, the protagonist of a prostitute who was dumped by Sony

In Detroit Become Human there were supposed to be 4 heroes, but Sony decided to cut one of those heroes chosen by Quantic Dream: android whore.

Detroit Become Human, the prostitute who was dumped by Sony (Photo: Quantic Dream)

Obviously, this choice is also the basis for Sony’s decision to Conclusion of an exclusive agreement For 3 games signed with the developer. The developer who will also have Problems in your use engine A game to create an open world.

The news spread from Twitter and started from the account of the well-known monk Tom Henderson Who seems to have eyes and ears all over. But what could have raised the alarm within Sony to the point of explicitly demanding the removal of content from a video game in development?

Detroit becoming a human being a censorship case?

Detroit Become Human, the protagonist of a prostitute who was dumped by Sony
Detroit Become Human, the prostitute protagonist decimated by Sony (Image: Twitter)

Detroit becomes human, chi David Cage Quantic Dream has always tried to describe it as not a version of Blade Runner despite the fact that there are futures and there are androids and there are android hunters it would have made the world talk about it Certainly uncomfortable arguments with one of their heroes. We use the past tense because obviously the fourth protagonist in the game should be one Huge titted whore robot And they are embroiled in the unknown, at which point we will never know, potentially thorny situations.

Unfortunately, it must be said that the Quantic Dream fan base is swinging in terms of numbers due to products that often leave a bitter taste in the mouth. So much so that in light of the message entrusted to Twitter by Tom Henderson that the famous leaker talks about this choice by Sony to quickly conclude the contract with the developer, There are messages that seem to breathe more sighs of relief than messages of condolences for the loss.

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It was actually written by more than a few users The idea of ​​the protagonist of a robot prostitute can be cool But perhaps not in the hands of David Cage. But in addition to considering whether we end up in front of a publisher censorship case for inappropriate content for any kind of audience, it’s also worth noting that Henderson also always points out how Quantic Dream has worked for a few people. Years. In a project formerly called karma project, then became coup project, And that now he could easily be famous A new open world game inserted into the Star Wars universe. Although it seems that the developer does not have the technical resources to manage an open world.

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With so many androids in Star Wars, we and others wonder if sooner or later we won’t see a penniless blonde whore roaming the galaxy far away.

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