Details that irritate the Inter fans

It’s an image that apparently makes everyone discuss: believers and fans. We are not getting into the controversy between the ex-players, but on the sporting side, the social controversy sparked by many Inter fans who only realized at the end of yesterday’s Champions League challenge was a special tattoo on his chest. Milan Skriniar. The Slovakian defender, author of the extraordinary performance against Liverpool, received unpleasant comments that derive their cues from the representation chosen to adorn his body: Arm wrestling between Satan and Jesus.

The social controversy over Skriniar’s tattoo and Ibra’s precedent

Ignoring history and the motivation behind the unusual choice, we set out on notes ranging from the aesthetic to the symbolic, not to mention exciting precedent. The same image, in fact, has been modified by Ibrahimovic In December 2019. The photo is still in the publications of the Milan striker and it flaunts well 3.5 million views. In the eyes of some angry cousin, the association caused a scream in scandal. Among some free insults, there are those who write: “Only for this tattoo, the captain’s armband should be banned for life.”. But there are those who take it more philosophically: “He must have a flaw too“;”As for the way he plays, he can get a barbababa tattoo for me and he will still have my boundless admiration“;”He should love him, not you. And anyway, they judged him for what he does on the field, and the rest is nonsenseThe reconstruction of fans goes as far as the alleged Milanese faith of the trusted tattoo artist Skriniar. It is the power of images and beauty. We ignore references to the player’s name…

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Inter say goodbye to the Champions League and ironies go crazy on the Internet

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Inter say goodbye to the Champions League and ironies go crazy on the Internet

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