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He keeps staying under the radar and doesn’t show himself, but in the meantime the wait is growing Everywherethe new project by Leslie Benzies, former President of Rockstar Games and founder of e Responsible for the GTA series Until a few years ago, so we reported on these new ones details She appeared online in these hours.

This is always a rumor, because officially we still know very little about this obscure title, which also marks the debut of Build A Rocket Boy Games, a new indie team founded by Benzes. It seems that each place starts from the experience gained by the author in the Grand Theft Auto series, where he proposes a game open world Particularly extensive and rich, which according to the new details should represent a kind of “ready single player in real life”, even if its meaning is not clear.

The concept appears to be in some kind of metaverse, although everything is still part of the open-world game “Triple A,” according to details posted by the “Everywhere Network” Twitter account, which gathers information on the project in question.

The game should also be based primarily on multiplayer, but also on an important narrative element, divided into different chapters. Players can also contribute to building the game world through a kind of “virtual sandbox” using User Generated Contentwhich opens the door to building custom game elements and an ever-expanding world enriched with social and “flowing” integration, reportedly.

This all seems to be in line with Build a Rocket Boy’s official statements, having stated in the past that they want to create new worlds and new ways to play.

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