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Payday 3 He was in the middle of a special Starbreeze livestream to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary: ​​the publisher took the opportunity to reveal new details about the series.Adjust Which Characters From the game, as well as to publish the first concept art. Here it is:

Payday 3, the first concept art featuring characters and setting

As can be seen from the picture, the new ring will be set New York The developers spoke of a “huge, vibrant representation of the city,” which proposes a somewhat ambitious open world framework for Payday 3, which was presented with a video clip at E3 2021.

The difference compared to Payday 2 (here is the review), as well as the structural, lies in the fact that the gang has become narratively famous, and the media follows their exploits and this can lead to unexpected repercussions.

Payday 3 will also be set several years after the events of Episode 2, at the end of which the team members retire to private life to enjoy the fine they have received so far. Since then, “software giants, cryptocurrency, mass surveillance, and the dark web” have appeared: all of these elements will play a role in the sequel.

Finally, we come to the characters, who will be the ones we already know and not a new generation of thieves: Dallas, Huxton and Wolf Chains will return to take up arms. Do you want to know more? Here’s our Payday 3 preview.

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