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Forza Horizon 5 He was the protagonist again View the video In the Forza GO! Now in the eighth episode, which ended minutes ago with a specific study about Multiplayer and online features The game is in development at Playground Games.

Speaking of the Internet, we start from a large extension of The horizon is open, is the hub that houses all Forza Horizon 5’s multiplayer and online modes, divided into four main categories: Open Racing, Open Drifting, Playground Games and The Eliminator.

Open has also been modified to be more accessible and less punitive for players, encouraging getting into the game and trying to build a more relaxed atmosphere from the close competition that, however, is staged during the race. the mood remover It was introduced in 2019 and will also return in the new chapter and is a sort of survival mode for those who stayed behind in the last race.

horizon tour It is a mode that offers a set of different events and themes in rotation, allowing for easier communication with players and a quick start to the game, often changing modes in order to always present new challenges.

Horizon Arcade Instead, it’s something more compelling: it’s a collection of mini-games that offer various diversions compared to standard racing but always on four wheels, with different objectives such as destroying pots, chasing planes, playing an automated version of Simon and many others. Small experiences in the car.

Features of communication between players through LINK SYSTEM, which allows you to better communicate between players and organize matches, as well as various initiatives to reward users for fairness and more. Find it all in the video above, as we recall information about the campaign, modes, and more that emerged from the previous video, and the list of cars available at launch.

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