Destruction AllStars doesn’t have enough players in the world: added robots –

Lucid Games said inside the file that explains all of the patch news Destroy all stars, That the exclusivity PS5 It does not have enough players around the world. This element means that on the servers there are peak moments when it is easier to find other games, while it is more difficult to find other games. To overcome these difficulties, the developer decided to add Bot For the game.

Destruction AllStars is an online automated fighting game that was released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 last February. Have you read our Destruction AllStars review? Also possibly due to the difficulties still remaining in restoring the much coveted Sony console, Lucid Games has not been able to build a large and well-distributed community in the world.

“With a large community like Destruction AllStars,” he reads DevUpdate su RedditDistributed around the world, we have peak moments and low online gamers presence for Success. “

To help those who want to play in these situations, Lucid Games decided to add robots during the least frequent moments, hoping to increase real players soon, also thanks to the Destruction AllStars 2.001.000 update.

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