Destroy all humans! 2

Destroy all humans! 2 – deplores It is the second act remake of a certain series of events with a sci-fi setting, announced in just these minutes by THQ Nordic with PROMOTION AND ONE PLAY MODE During the THQ Nordic Showcase live broadcast, per PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S..

So let’s go back to Crypto in a deep rehash of the original, a remake It is developed on the basis of Unreal Engine 4 with a process very similar to the one already implemented with the first game Destroy All Humans and its recent launch.

To find out more, we refer you to our Destroy All Humans preview! 2 – Replay, based on an early version of the game in before alpha Focus on the Bay City level.

The final version will still include all maps from the original such as Albion (London), Tunguska (Siberia), and Takushima (Tokyo), as well as the Solaris lunar base.

In addition to the obvious development of Graphics, the new version also features significant technological developments in other areas of the game: the new engine allows you to introduce a certain degree of destruction of scenarios, which is necessary to increase the sense of chaos typical of a third-person shooter.

Not only that, the interface has also been modified to make it more intuitive and dynamic, and the colors have been enriched and improved. arsenal Of the weapons and gadgets available to the hero, one of the distinctive elements of the series, which over the years has become a kind of cult.

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