Despite Boise’s love; OC Moore Signs plugin

Jersey City, NJ On the eve of perhaps the biggest game of the season, the Cowboys are already securing pieces for the next year and beyond.

Attack coordinator Kellen Moore, who has been pegged as a potential candidate for the head coaching position at Boise State, has signed a multi-year contract extension to remain with the Cowboys.

“I am extremely excited to stay with the Dallas Cowboys as the coordinator of the attack,” Moore said in a statement Saturday night. “I’m not going to pursue a major coaching job in Boise anymore. I love Boise State. I’ll always be encouraging them, and I hope to be part of the program again some day.”

Moore, who won 50 matches as a quarterback player for Boise State from 2008-11, is one of the greatest players in BSU history. And when the art director position recently became vacant, Moore was an immediate candidate for the position.

His attack has been successful with the Cowboys since he became Coordinator two years ago. Even with several injuries this year, including an end-of-season setback for Duck Prescott, the Cowboys ranked 12th in total attacking this year, but finished first last year, his first season.

With Duck, Tyron Smith, Lyle Collins, and Blake Garwin preparing to return next year, alongside Zach Martin, who also missed half of the season, the Cowboys must be a dynamic attack again, especially with Moore’s comeback next year.

“We’re building something really cool here in Dallas,” said Moore. “I am grateful to the Jones family and Mike McCarthy for the opportunity to train these special players. I’m excited for us to put it all together and get the job done.”

However, the Cowboys are not yet done with this season. At the age of 6-9, the Cowboys need to win Sunday against the Giants and then hope to lose Washington to the Eagles. This would make the Cowboys the only team to win seven wins in the division and advance them beyond the season.

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