Despar supermarkets closed, Konad interested in acquiring more than two dozen

Despar supermarkets closed, Konad interested in acquiring more than two dozen

«Konad interest is present. Now it is necessary to understand, first of all, what are the chosen selling points, 20 in total, out of those closed off, and as far as we’re concerned, the four are Despars from Bergamo». Luca Riva, from Visacat Cecil Bergamo It follows the disagreement between the Alco group, confirming rumors that have swirled about the Brescia group’s future for a few days. In the Bergamo region, the crisis has affected around 60 workers, as of the end of March all of them are at home due to the closure of Chiuduno Lover and Bergam stores.Or (via Furietti, after signing via Suardi all the others, it closed earlier).

Konad via Carducci in Bergamo

Konad via Carducci in Bergamo

Negotiations to bail out L’Alco supermarkets are in full swing. In the previous group match, The property officially lends Conad interest with the purchase of 20 Despar, Eurospar and Interspar brand stores. Owned by L’Alco spa, as well as Alta Sfera’s cash box and carry.

Other brands also appear to be interested in acquiring some stores, but there is no confirmation yet. Meanwhile, unions are strongly affirming ”The necessity to proceed with the launch of the Exceptional Fund“It is destined to have a retroactive effect from the closing of the points of sale.”

«Worker problems are also related to the collection of back wages – Riva insists. Due to the payroll situation, we have requested that CIGS process be expedited. We do not believe that any delay of any kind is permissible in the case of employees receiving 400 euros per month. ”

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