Dermatitis, obesity and cholesterol, did you know they are treated with probiotics? How to choose the right ones

Obesity and high cholesterol are two conditions that often go hand in hand, and there are many treatments, one of which is the help of probiotics.

Probiotics are not medicines, but as we know they are the “good” bacteria that are beneficial to the body. But maybe not everyone knows that they can treat many conditions and diseases.

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Usually if we have a disorder we think we are “sick” and therefore need treatment; Obviously this is true, and it is The right to go to the doctor if something is wrong. However, it is also true that in recent years, people have given up on alternative and/or preventive solutions to medication, perhaps in the thought that the latter were effective.

Good, Certainly medicines, when they are needed, save our livesbut we must also remember that their mishandling can be very dangerous to public health (see Antibiotic resistance) and that we can also take care of ourselves normally.

For example Some experts They remind us of that For certain conditions/diseases We can – and also prevent – too Take advantage of the beneficial action of probiotics. thus.

Dermatitis, obesity and cholesterol? They are (also) treated with probiotics: studies

Surely we’ve all taken probiotics to feel better, perhaps after antibiotic treatment, or to improve our gut health. For some time now, science has agreed Maintaining the health of our microorganisms Protect us from the beginning Many diseasesbut we may have some doubts about “how” to take care of it.

Some experts from the Center for the Study of Probiotics and Nutrition in Trieste give us some useful suggestions.

  • Probiotics against obesity – According to a very recent study, conducted in 2021, some isolated strains of probiotics will work on several fronts and eliminate obesity. In fact, their action would regulate the feeling of hunger, inflammation causing the assimilation of all nutrients and speeding up the metabolism. All of this together will be healthy, in addition to making you lose weight thus also reducing the risks inherent in this condition. Probiotics that are able to give all this is it Bifidobacterium longum 1472.
  • Cure for the Heart and Arteries – Again according to some research, there are probiotics that can clean the arteries and lower levels of LDL cholesterol, which is known as “bad”. It comes with an extension Bacillus clot, which has a double beneficial effect: it inhibits the absorption of animal fats and, moreover, promotes the functions of the intestinal mucosa, which in this way absorbs less cholesterol. until the Lactobacillus roteri Useful for those who suffer from high cholesterol, in fact, it helps to produce substances capable of capturing cholesterol and removing it from the body.
  • Finally, there are also lactobacilli that are beneficial for those who suffer from atopic dermatitis or acne: let’s talk about L. Acidophilus, L. Paracasei, L. Rhamnosus, L. Reuteri, and L. Plantarum. Taking a mixture of these probiotics for 5 months should improve.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and relates to studies or scientific publications in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace a consultation with a physician or specialist, and should not be taken into account when formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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