“Demand for Limelon is growing everywhere, but the UK and Germany are leading the way”

“Demand for Limelon – a watermelon that tastes sweet and fresh like lime – has been satisfactory and has grown again this year. The climate has helped us. We see growth in all countries, but the UK and Germany are the leaders. In this sense. We see above-average growth, as says Dirk van den Heuvel of HillFresh. What’s new this year is that the importer has also made the organic alternative available in commercial volumes. “We’ve partnered with a number of new organic retailers. We haven’t been able to fill the schedule until the end of August, and we should be able to do so next year.”

HillFresh has received no complaints about the availability of the Spanish Limelon this year. “We divided the cultivation of this fruit into three regions in Spain, to ensure its continuity. And throughout the season the availability was sufficient, only at the beginning of the Murcia season we were delayed by a week, which was not so bad, because we were planning to delay two or three weeks,” says Dirk.

The Spanish Limelon season will continue in mid-September with the appearance of the first Limelons from Brazil, followed in January by Costa Rica and Honduras. When the importer was asked if this high-quality watermelon could be made available year-round, he replied, “All year round is still a challenge. We haven’t been able to combine all the seasons yet, but we are working on it.”

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Hill Fresh
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