Delta variable shakes tourism, markets and airlines are disrupted

Delta type of coronavirus shakes markets. Investors are watching a rise in infections and fear any impact on the economic recovery. Fears of a re-emergence of the virus are causing tension in all sectors, starting with tourism, after restrictions imposed by Portugal and Spain on visitors from the United Kingdom, while Germany advises against all travel to the country.

The airline’s main costs were (-4.8%) with EasyJet 5.8% on the ground and Ryanair 4.2%. The potential tightening of restrictions to curb contagion scares all stocks related to the tourism world, with the hotel, restaurant and leisure sector down 3.4%.

Meanwhile, Spanish children’s fears grow on a trip to Mallorca, which has seen a massive outbreak of infection jump to 950, the protagonists of a school year that has turned into a nightmare. Estimates are not yet final, many positive cases have been reported after repatriation. About 250 are in solitary confinement in the Mallorca hotel. Quarantine has been prescribed for hundreds of people considered close contact with them. According to the latest figures reported by the Spanish media, nine young men were taken to hospital as a precaution. The Balearic Regional Government has decided that all groups of more than 20 people arriving on the island must present a full vaccination certificate or negative survey result.

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