Delta, towards pressure on arrivals from Spain and Portugal

The procedure will arrive in the next few hours and will go to raise a wall to filter the arrivals from it Spain e PortugalThe European Union countries have the infection, drag it delta variable, increasing at a British pace. The countermeasures decided by the Italian government will be superimposed on those already in force for those coming from the United Kingdom: those arriving from London and other British cities (or those who have been there in the past 14 days) must submit the negative. The result of a Covid test (molecular or antigen) carried out within 48 hours of entering Italy, he remains in isolation for five days, and at the end, an additional swab is taken.

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For Spain and Portugal, this is the reference model, given that the enemy to be defeated, also in this case, is the prevalence of the delta variant which, for example in the Lisbon region, now accounts for 90 percent of new cases. While in Madrid, Barcelona’s percentage ranges between 45 and 60 per cent. Enrico de Rosa, Director of the Hygiene Service at ASL Roma 1: says: “For a week now, the cases of children returning from Portugal and Spain have been more and more positive. Fortunately, at the moment, very mild symptoms, but in any case this favors the circulation of the virus.”

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To raise the level of interest of the Ministry of Health on the Iberian Peninsula, there is not only a rush of new positive cases (now equal to 10-15 times the Italian case), but another sensitive issue: thousands of British tourists are these days on holiday in the Algarve, in Andalusia, in Catalonia, in the Balearic Islands, many also come.

In fact, bringing in an Italian returning from holidays (or Spaniards and Portuguese) from Spain or Portugal, without reinforced controls, therefore means canceling the filter that we have activated for weeks against the British. So, are the borders with Spain and Portugal closed? It’s not that simple, because only ten days after its activation, the European Green Corridor instrument, which should be used specifically to ensure travel, safely, within the borders of the European Union will be disavowed. There is an intermediate solution on the table: provide a “five-day buffer plus quarantine” mechanism only for those who have not completed the vaccination process, thus granting preferential passage to the vaccinated, as Malta decided to do, which will now land on the island only those who have been vaccinate them.

Yesterday, the Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health Professor Gianni Raza was unbalanced: “The international situation, European, is worrying. We have Central Europe with relatively low incidence, and I’m talking about big countries like Germany, which has rather cautious policies, and France. However, we have Spain and Portugal, which tend to increase significantly. Outside the European Union, the UK has around 30,000 cases per day, although there is a high proportion of the vaccinated population. Fortunately without an increase in hospitalizations and deaths. Whether this is due to the fact that the vaccinated people have become infected and therefore are not destined for a serious illness, or whether it is due to the fact that mainly young people are affected, this has not yet been determined. We are waiting for more accurate clinical data from our English colleagues.”

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Conclusion: “The possibility of stricter measures for travelers arriving from Spain and Portugal is being considered. But this decision has not yet been taken.” Meanwhile, Germany has included Spain and Portugal among the Covid risk areas, but at the moment there are no practical consequences. Yesterday, the data of the weekly report on injuries in Italy was presented: the infection index Rt rose slightly, from 0.63 to 0.66, and the infection rate rose from 9 to 11 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Six autonomous regions and two provinces are at moderate risk (for others it is low): Abruzzo, Campania, Marche, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily with the provinces of Trento and Bolzano. According to the Higher Institute of Health, the delta variable is causing a change in the pace of the epidemic, as “11 regions or autonomous provinces are witnessing a rise in cases in the past seven days.”

What other European countries could come under surveillance soon? Another special observation is the situation in Cyprus, whose incidence is twice that of Spain: at the beginning of June 40 cases were reported in one day, and now we are close to a thousand. Cyprus, like Portugal, announced in May that it was ready to receive British tourists. In the meantime, the Ministry of Health aims to strengthen the health system: there are 17,400 state-funded medical specialty scholarships for the academic year 2020/2021, according to the decree signed by Roberto Speranza. The 4,200 nodes increase responds to needs reported by the autonomous regions and prefectures.

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