Delisting is completed, the club is exited from the stock exchange

Rome – Roma officially leaves the stock exchange. After the takeover offer was completed at the end of July, Giallorossi Club through Friedkin’s parent company, Romulus and Remus Investment, purchased the remaining shares, thus completing the delisting. there Romethrough a note that appeared on its website, reported a purchase 24,360,863 shares, equivalent to 3.874% of the share capital: thanks to this process, 100% of the shares have been reached. Official press release: “The Offeror declares that, today, a joint action regulation in respect of the remaining shares of 24,360,863 shares equal to 3.874% of the issuer’s share capital has been drawn up. An amount corresponding to the total consideration for the purchase of the remaining shares, equal to €10,962,388.35, is on account The current held by the Offeror and opened in UniCredit SpA, to pay the total consideration mentioned above to the shareholders holding the remaining shares. Accordingly, the transfer of the remaining shares to the Offeror was in effect. For the offer, i.e. €0.45 per share remaining – with the respective Depository Brokers the obligation to pay for the action the subscriber will be deemed fulfilled when transferring the relative amounts to the Depository Brokers from which the remaining shares subject to the joint action come. Transfer only with shareholders.According to Article 2949 of the Italian Civil Code.cif., once the limitation period of five years has passed from the date of deposit of the total amount of the joint action, a As of today’s date, the right of the remaining stock holders to receive payment for the joint action shall expire by prescription and the offeror shall have the right to recover the amounts deposited that were not collected by the rights holders, except for the provisions of Articles 2941 et seq. cod. sword. Finally, we inform you that with providing a number. 8880 dated September 7, 2022, adopted in accordance with Art. 2.5.1, paragraph 6, of the Exchange Regulations, the Italian Stock Exchange has ordered, as of today, to cancel the shares of the issuer (ISIN: IT0001008876) from trading on the MTA (ISIN: IT0001008876), as trading has already been suspended for 12 and 13 September 2022″.


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“Finally, we inform you that all information and details of registration for the special and exclusive loyalty program called “Assist Club”, in addition to those already contained in the press release issued on September 6, 2022, which was indicated, will be disclosed by way of a statement Additional press specified. * * * The offer is promoted exclusively in Italy, as the shares of the issuer are listed on Euronext Milan, and is addressed, without discrimination and on equal terms, to all shareholders of the issuer. The offer will not be promoted or published, directly or indirectly, In the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or any other country where displaying without permission from the appropriate local authorities is not permitted or in violation of rules or regulations.(“Other Countries”), or by using international communication or trade tools (including, on e.g. postal network, fax, telex, e-mail, telephone and internet) in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or other countries or any structure of any of the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or other financial intermediaries For other countries, or any other way. Copies of this press release, or any part of it, of the offer document, as well as a copy of any document relating to the offer, are not and should not be sent, transmitted or distributed in any way, directly or indirectly. , in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or other countries. Anyone who receives the above documents must not distribute, send or ship them (either by mail or any other means or means of communication or international trade) in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or other countries. This press release, offer document and any other document relating to the offer do not constitute and should not be construed as an offer of financial instruments directed to subjects domiciled in and/or domiciled in the United States of America, Canada and Japan. Australia or other countries. No Tool may be offered or sold in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Japan, or other countries in the absence of a specific license under the applicable provisions of the local law of those countries or other countries, or in the absence of the same provisions. Acceptance of the offer by parties residing in countries other than Italy may be subject to specific obligations or limitations provided by legal or regulatory provisions. It is the sole responsibility of the recipients of the offer to comply with these rules and, therefore, before accepting the offer, to check its existence and applicability, by contacting their advisors. No acceptance of the offer resulting from solicitation activities carried out in violation of the above restrictions will be entertained.”


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