Dehydration, what are its symptoms and why it can even make you lose consciousness –

Serious metabolic changes

Thus more fluid loss from the body than fluid can lead to risks metabolic changes which also appear sharply Neurological symptoms. The main symptoms of dehydration are: Thirst, weakness, dizziness, palpitations, anxiety, dry skin and mucous membranes, muscle cramps, hypotension. until fainting. Those with heart failure and tachycardia are more likely to have an altered electrolyte balance. Excessive heat also activates inflammatory mechanisms and lowers the immune system, increasing the risk of respiratory infections.

what should be done

To help the body recover it is recommended break and hire Re-wetting the brine solutions To replace lost fluids and mineral salts in particular Potassium and magnesium. It is important to avoid amounts of sugar, so sugary drinks should be avoided. The only fluids compatible with hydration are Water, infusions and herbal teas without sugars and sweeteners . Pay attention to the temperature of the beverage: a very cold liquid signals your body to react by producing more heat. You can drink a cold drink, but you need to let it go down slowly in your stomach.

The elderly are most at risk

As mentioned, the elderly are more susceptible to heat, because the ability to adapt metabolism and physiological functions to climatic changes decreases with age. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the elderly stay in air-conditioned and dried environments. Removing moisture from the air causes the body’s thermoregulatory system to function, and older adults may also experience A Decreased feeling of thirst And so it should be Encourage yourself to drinkEven if they don’t feel the need to.

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