Degasbury: “It is only in the military junta to elude answers to questions. For example on veterinary public health and food safety “

Regional councilor Filippo Degasbury criticizes the Fogatti junta over the extremely sensitive issue of the relationship between the executive and the minority Legislative Assembly.

Degasbury laments, in particular, the little weight attributed to the questions asked to clarify issues of often strong social importance: dry and technocratic answers generally do not clarify the features of the issue raised by the councilor. However, in this particular record, the former M5S notes, the then-center-right opposition criticized the junta, led by Ugo Rossi, in the previous legislature.

One case, among others, mentioned by Ace Onda civica is The state of the Public Veterinary Service in Trentino, With particular reference to the disappearance of the distinction between department staff and APSS personnel.

According to Degasbury, the resort in Piazza Dante to professionals “in leadership” but APSS personnel The position calls into question the guarantees of third parties.

“What does a councilor expect – notes Degasbury – when he raises a question about the work of the county government?” The mere awareness that the rule is being implemented, planned, implemented, and above all, is being monitored by those responsible for the issue in question.

This is to check whether the results obtained are compatible with time and contribute, or worse, do not contribute to the pursuit of the political goal set by the advisor or commissioner.

The political goal intended to be a strategic project and a vision of the common good of Trentino in the future.

What astonished me and still amazes me is the relationship of the regional government, represented by the president, with the exercise of the duties of a member of the provincial council.

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Jobs that suggest new rules or more precisely clarify rules that are already in place.

I was surprised precisely who was the most powerful political opposition force, and who was, instead, From the start of the Legislature, he’s been acting as if he had been hit by a grillino reassignment attack Disappointing all the promises made before reaching the regional government.

Assign answers to questions to officials That which serves to reject legislative, and therefore political, action at the operational level should mean that someone checks that they have fully understood the importance of standard spelling.

That is why the different administrative levels, service managers and department heads, before submitting to the signature of the answer to the question to the resident or advisor, must verify that the answer is consistent in terms of and timing of the political speech presented by the regional government. .

Not forgetting that when opposing in the final chapter, The current governmental power has not gone a day without attacking the very same institutional powers that are now themselves statutory laws.

I’ll take for example the answers that you gave me My questions are on the Company’s Veterinary and Epidemiological Surveillance Network..

The items I submitted in response to my various questions by consultant Segnana did not surprise me due to the little value attributed to other aspects of veterinary public health and food safety that had been the subject of my previous questions.

I remember that the previous regional government had urgently put an issue Epidemiological surveillance and related functions From the company’s veterinarian to the attention of the provincial council, indicating that the national government cannot be expected to interfere with its procedures in this regard.

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I remember baffling about it by asking questions and a bill.

Currently Segnana answers that nothing can be done in terms of collecting epidemiological data, which are very important for animal and human health. And that, according to the law, the breeder must provide the data himself or through the company’s veterinarian.

It is also presented Apss has not initiated any specific action to raise awareness among farmers Because at the national level the system is still being implemented.

It is clear that the answers to the questions are not provided by the consultant Segnana who only signs on Document prepared by the department’s veterinarians who have, however, been APSS veterinarians in command of the department since 2015.

Extract or create question: How is it done in this way to ensure the impartiality of the workIn this case, general veterinary?

Why thereThe Provincial Health Department has stopped making use of a veterinary technical organization (With definitely lower costs for the community), to choose instead of using Apss vets driving?

The answer was this way for everyone … as we continue to think about the most varied topics and make tables at tables, and now also online, and to continue this traditional, thriving and excellent branch of carpentry of Trentino’s politics. ”

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