Defining views on Covid between Biden and Merkel: Do not panic, but intensify the vaccination campaign

John Biden is focusing on the vaccination campaign. Addressing his fellow citizens, the President of the United States reiterated his personal plea to Americans to vaccinate to avoid further restrictions, also believing that this policy should take place on an international scale. In an op-ed published by USA Today on December 3, the Oval Office chief stressed the importance of prioritizing vaccination to avoid new incarcerations in the future. A policy you intend to pursue not only within the country but also in the world.

Looking at the Omicron variant as a source of “concern” rather than “panic,” the American leader explained his strategy. “We will fight Covid-19, not with lockdowns and closures, but through vaccinations, recalls and tests on a large scale,” he said, detailing various measures to facilitate the process of confinement for citizens.

At the same time, he stressed that vaccinating the Americans would not be enough to solve the problem internationally. The President of the United States said: “The world must be vaccinated and the rules for international travel and the flows into the United States must be strengthened,” noting that Washington will send 200 million doses of vaccines free of charge in the coming weeks to some foreign countries. without specifying their destinations.

Meanwhile, Germany has decided to impose strict restrictions on those who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid 19, including banning access to non-essential shops, restaurants or entertainment venues. A bill on compulsory vaccination is also in the works, which Olaf Schultz must submit to the Chamber in order to take effect between February and March.

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So far, the Federal Republic has vaccinated 68.7% of the population and 80% of adults, but it records tens of thousands of Covid cases every day. And Angela Merkel stressed that many hospitals are close to saturation, calling for “national solidarity action to reduce the number of infections.” “The first thing to do is to convince those who have not yet done so to get vaccinated,” Olaf Schultz said.

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