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Defence: The UK plays a key role in the Aukus deal

The United Kingdom will play a bigger role than expected in a security agreement with the United States to supply nuclear-powered submarines to Australia. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak In fact, he declared the Aukus agreement a success for the country, saying he had succeeded in his offer to sell British-designed nuclear submarines to Australia.

As reported by the Financial Times, one of the ministers remarked, “The deal definitely went in our favour.” Sunak with the President of the United States Joe Biden and Prime Minister of Australia Anthony AlbaneseThey will unveil the deal on Monday during their meeting in San Diego. First announced in 2021, the Aukus Pact aims to help Australia protect nuclear-powered submarines as part of a larger campaign to counter China’s military might that will also include the three countries’ cooperation in areas such as hypersonic weapons. Monday’s announcement is expected to include details on the design of the submarines, as well as how and where they will be built. One of the big questions about the deal will be how the United States and the United Kingdom, which have limited submarine-building capacity, will be able to develop a program that will help Australia without reducing the capacity of their domestic industries.

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