Deathloop ranks #1 and #3 among the best-selling games of the week –

SteamDB has issued a file Ranking of best-selling games on Steam Last week (September 13 – September 19). Thanks to this data we find out that Deathloop Ranked first and third among the best sellers.

The full arrangement Consists of:

  1. Deathloop
  2. tales of resurrection
  3. Deathloop (selected songs from the soundtrack)
  4. Naraka Bladepoint
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2
  6. NBA 2K22
  7. Timberton
  8. LED Indicator VR Kit
  9. new world
  10. Walheim

Deathloop: A first-person combat scene in a snowy environment
Deathloop: A first-person combat scene in a snowy environment

As you can see, Deathloop takes first place in its standard version, while it occupies third place in the Steam ترتيب Ranking In its compiled version that includes the game as well as some songs from the soundtrack. The package costs 20 euros more than the basic version.

excellent Results Again this week for Tales of Arise, which goes from number one last week to number two. It’s no surprise, then, that there are great hit games like Naraka Bladepoint, Red Dead Redemption 2, and NBA 2K22 in the rankings. Timberborn, which was released on September 15, managed to take a respectable seventh place, considering it independent.

The VR bundle from Valve, New World and Valheim closes the rankings. Amazon’s work set a new record for modern gamers on Steam not long ago.

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