Deathloop: New FPS gameplay video for PS4 and PS5 from Arkane and Bethesda

Surprisingly Bethesda and PlayStation posted a new one via Twitter Play video From Deathlope. The video, rather short, we’re talking about, in fact, about thirty seconds, shows the original FPS of PS4 and PS5 By Arkane Studos.

In case you don’t know what a Deathloop is, here’s a preview of the new Arkane shooter

The game’s locations are summarized in the tweet linked to the video:2 fought. 8 goals. 24 hours. Do you think you can break the cycle?In Deathloop, you play Cole, a killer who has arrived on an island Blackrive Eliminate 8 targets. Sadly, the island is not “normal”, but rather the site of a laboratory in which mysterious experiments were conducted that literally broke time, creating an episode that forces Cole to relive the events themselves.

The only thing that the rings are not erased is the memory, which allows Cole to learn and study new strategies for defeating enemies. As if this situation wasn’t really complicated, Cole will have to deal with it, too JulianaAgent, who arrived at Blackrive, to obstruct his actions in every way.

Deathloop will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC after that May 21, 2021 And despite Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, a PlayStation schedule is exclusive for exactly one year. The game “will not be available on other gaming devices until May 21, 2022.”

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