Dear petrol, with this trick a full tank only costs 5 euros: everyone does it

Sometimes we get confused about the most efficient way to save fuel. We are not talking about the usual precautions that can be taken while driving a car to save petrol, but about real tricks that will allow you to fill up completely for only 5 euros. It seems impossible but it looks like a lot of people would benefit from this ingenious method…

Lately we have become accustomed to hearing news on TV and reading in newspapers about the general situation of prices in our country. Indeed, the increase, which began as early as the first months of 2022, included all kinds of goods and services but led in particular to a significant increase in fuel prices at the petrol pump.

In fact, in just a few months, we’ve gone from prices that were in line with previous years’ levels to increases that in some cases significantly exceeded double digits. We also remember that inflation levels in our country are higher than those of other countries and in fact we recorded a figure of 11.8 in October.

To deal with this situation, many began to think of the most disparate ways to save even just a few euros when going to fill the tank at a filling station, and it was really possible for someone to find the ultimate solution …

Full at €5, it sounds fancy but it’s true

If we had to meet someone who told us there was an actual trick to filling the tank with only 5 euros, we would definitely think he was crazy. However, recently many motorists have witnessed the success of this trick on forums and dedicated pages.

Perhaps some of the most attentive readers have already understood what we are talking about and in fact this method is very easy to implement. In fact, to take advantage of it, all you have to do is insert 5 euros and start refueling.

At this point when the pump dispenses the fuel it doesn’t put it back in and with the help of a friend it starts jumping the tube causing more fuel to leak out. But is this trick legal?

However, apparently, according to the laws of our country, this method is only legal and in some cases it may not work. In fact, newer petrol dispensers now have systems to avoid this drawback and secondly, remember that in case you commit a real theft from the service station.

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