“Dear Lugano, we can do well.”

Reto Ziegler has no intention of hanging his shoes. When that happens, and the pandemic permits, we still see it well in the travel agency. The path to signing the new Lugano is actually a long university degree. Noticeable, as it unfolds, from different countries and cultures. England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia, the United States. Even becoming a mathematician. However, Switzerland, the player’s departure and arrival point, is extreme. The 35-year-old defender exploded in the command post nearly twenty years ago, now looking for the sun in Ticino. Face the skeptics head-on. “My age? It is only a number. There is a fire burning inside of me. I still love football, I know it well, and I know my body well.”

In short, Ziegler is embracing the Bianconeri with great awareness. “I played at a high level for three years in Major League Soccer. And although I haven’t played in recent months, I’ve always trained. I am in Lugano to do well and be successful. I found a family in Cornaredo. Yes, this club immediately reminded me of Sampdoria. ” Also thanks to some reference points, it has reappeared in the past. “This transfer was made possible thanks to Marco Badalino, my partner already in Sampdoria, to Mister Jacobaci, whom I met at Sion’s time, and of course to President Angelo Renzetti.” On Tuesday, on the occasion of the first training session, Ziegler also found Mattia Croese-Torte. “We played together at Grasshopper. We were living in the same building with Stefan Lichtenner as well. Looking at the extra three years, he looked like an older brother. I was glad to see him again and he noticed how important he was to society.”

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He repeats that Ritu was welcomed in the best way. “I found a uniform dressing room, convinced of the game strategy that had been implemented since last year. Lugano is an ambitious team capable of entering the European League group stage twice. This season, then, fate remains in our hands. Not forgetting the cup, which can still be raised. ” Former national team defender – 35 matches, three World Cups – speaks freely. And with a crazy personality. “In the past six years, I’ve played 99% of the games as a central defender, three or four games. I’d rather give a strong performance in a specific role, instead of acting as a substitute and expressing myself at an average level. Among other things, I immediately spoke to the team’s defenders, insisting on the importance of communication. It’s something I learned as a captain, first in Sion and then in Dallas.

Dream of Homer Simpson

Yes, the United States. “I’ve always loved American culture, and thanks to my adventure in Texas, I somehow managed to fulfill the dream,” says Ziegler. And he talks about “Taurus”. How Reto experienced his local passion for football. After all, Homer Simpson dreams of owning the Cowboys and not FC Dallas. “It is true that American football, the NBA and the National Hockey League occupy the first place in the hearts of the masses. This is the case across the country, and I have personally taken advantage of the stars and stripes experience to admire the stars of these sports. However, Dallas’ soccer enthusiasm was not contained. Best. Investments in this area are important, and during my three years of residency I hardly saw the stadium full. ” Not only. Ziegler also highlights American Premium Quality. “It may not yet be the preferred destination for young talent. But I am sure things will change in the future. In my opinion, in fact, the tournament is being undervalued. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is here to prove it.”

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In recent months, even Dallas Stadium has unfortunately had to deal with empty stands. “Yes, 2020 was a difficult and special year. On the one hand the epidemic, and on the other hand the numerous demonstrations and protests that also affected the state of Texas. I think above all of the Black Lives Matter. I think our team was the only one to kneel in every match, when the national anthem was played. A gesture that my team mates and I were proud of. This is despite the many whistles received.

However, America also gave paternity to Rito Ziegler. “My first daughter was born in the United States. And a newborn baby will arrive in May, who knows, maybe Ticino. Today I am loving Switzerland again for this reason too. We are talking about my country, about a tournament that launched my career and I am in love with it. ” The Premier League championship that Ziegler will breathe again on Sunday in Lausanne. “I’m fine, I want to be successful with Lugano and I’m at the coach’s disposal. Whether this is the last stage of my career or not, it does not matter.

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