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Dear Bills, the UK is ready for a revolution. Appeal: “Do not pay”

On the calendar, the next October 1 date is marked in red. At least in the UK, where inflation is one step away from the 13% peak. Thus, more than 75,000 people of His Majesty’s subjects said enough. By sending an ultimatum to the government: If nothing is done to protect consumers by the end of September, the bill will go on strike. Electricity and gas bills will not be paid.

Promoted by Don’t Pay, an anonymous group that incites civil disobedience, the initiative is now a little snowball. But promoters hope, in less than two months, to turn it into an avalanche of at least one million Britons ready to rebel. The tam-tam media has already been launched, with Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Telegram being fired up. The movement hopes to actually benefit the 6.3 million British citizens who could slip into poverty next year precisely because of the unsustainable weight of local bills.

For many, the fear is staying in the dark, or without gas, after they’ve ended up in the insolvent group. That is why the promoters of the initiative aim to get at least a million subscribers, in order to have a shock mass capable of sending the supplier companies into a state of collapse. Which before pulling the plug will have to submit an installment plan to cancel the debt. The last resort, the courts. However, with the risk of clogging the classroom and creating a queue of arrears for several months.

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