Dear billers, get ready for summer: here’s why this time citizens are harassed: it’s impossible to go on

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The mild winter was nothing but a positive period, the high bills continue: the rise in the summer of 2023 is coming, and the reasons lie in the climate crisis

We are still talking about expensive bills despite the fact that citizens are already trapped. People who have invested their savings in a home-buying mortgage have found that the payments have doubled but with salaries stagnating, the situation does not seem to be improving.

In addition to interest rates, the problem is also associated withHigh commodity prices, including gas and energy. However, the truth is that there was a lot of confusion from this point of view, which often led to unjustified increases, but not enough invoked because of people’s desperation.

Italians have always learned “flexibility,” an overused term that clearly conveys the Italian people’s desire to succeed. Half of the population is on its knees because of the expenses, but they don’t give up, lower their heads and keep working. The problem is that this system is inefficient and no matter how hard you want to pull the rope, at some point it will completely rip and the rip will reverberate through every area of ​​our peninsula with a lot of damage.

What will drive up energy costs: The climate crisis will affect summer bills but it’s still not enough to talk about

We all expected the situation, but prices kept going up despite a mild winter that seemed to have saved us from a billing disaster, and now things keep getting worse. The expected increase in energy for the summer of 2023 is associated with a lack of water and snow on the mountains, which could cause serious damage to what is there. Hydroelectric power stations From which we take a lot of energy, which then reaches our homes.

The climate crisis and the hot summer that we will find ourselves going through could lead to a serious problem from the point of view of desertification: If there is a shortage of water, energy prices go up due to the increased costs of energy production.

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The vicious circle of the cost of energy production: Italy risks increasing bills and paying citizens

It seems difficult to manage the vicious circle, but then the citizens, already crushed by inflation, always lose out due to mismanagement of resources. In short, there’s no good news for the summer months: heat and water shortages can lead to hard-to-manage surges, and this isn’t a scare. We need to look at the facts in advance if we want to avoid economic disaster.

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