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The Revenue Agency has made available to taxpayers the final version of the Personal Income Form for 2023, due to all persons receiving business income, self-employment income, VAT holders and more. Let us see in this brief guide who should submit the form and what are the deadlines for 2023.

L’revenue agency Posted on its website The final version of Personal Income Form 2023due to those who receive business income, income from self-employment to VAT holders, but not only.

See in the following article the full list of binding subjects To submit this form and what is The deadlines be respectful.

Personal Income Form 2023: Deadlines and How to Submit

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The final copy of the personal income form valid for 2023 is available on the Revenue Agency portal, and taxpayers can submit it electronically or, alternatively, download it and deliver it in paper form to any post office.

PF 2023 Income Form: Who Should Submit It?

In 2023, they will be called upon to present Income model for natural persons:

  • employees who have changed jobs during 2021 and have accumulated different forms of individual certificates for 2022 and who have accrued a tax of more than 12 euros compared to what has already been withheld in the form of withholding tax;
  • employees who have received from the INPS or other entities forms of income support or for other reasons for which the withholding tax was not charged in error;
  • employees who received income or other salaries from their employers without the obligation to deduct tax;
  • employees to whom withholding agents have mistakenly applied undue tax deductions or credits;
  • taxpayers who received income that was not withheld (for which the tax is applied separately);
  • employees or beneficiaries of other types of income who have not been collected, or not properly charged, from the regional and municipal surcharge (in which case there is an exemption if the debt owed for each tax does not exceed €12);
  • taxpayers who have earned income from capital and capital gains during 2021 that must be taxed with an alternative tax indicated in the RT and RM schedules;
  • Teachers and chair owners who have provided services, such as tutoring and tutoring, for a fee, and so this income should be subject to an alternative tax.
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PF 2023 Income Form: Deadlines

the The deadlines in order to submit Personal Income Form 2023 It varies according to the method of submitting the declaration:

  • By November 30, 2023 For those who submit advertising for street Information technologiesfollowing the appropriate procedure on the Revenue Agency’s website;
  • From May 2 to June 30, 2023 For those who submit advertising in the form of paper at any Post office.

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