DC League of Superpets movie review

DC League of Superpets: A quadruple version of Justice Leauge has been shown in theaters since September 1, ensuring great entertainment especially for younger audiences.

in DC League of Superpets We find out that Superman has a four-legged friend: he also comes from krypton Like him, he has supernatural powers and cooperates to defend the city, along with Justice Squad composed by amazing womanAnd the AquamanAnd the Flash, Green Lantern And the cyborg. The group will also face an enemy Lex Luthor He expected to see.

What does DC League of Superpets do

As is often the case in high-budget animated films made in the United States, the film’s main characters have the star-studded voices with the most followers in Hollywood.

In the case of an animated film directed by Jared Stern And the Sam Levine The cast of VIPs: The two main characters have voices Dwayne Johnson And the Kevin HartAnd the Kate McKinnon His evil voice enlivens this movie, the guinea pig luluWhile Keanu Reeves He gives a voice to the tormented Batman. If the vision could not be seen in the original language, then the Italian-dubbed version still bears two important names: Pascual Petrolothat’s by saying liloGives the voice of the protagonist cryptoWhile Makio Kabatundathat’s by saying Michael Makearefreshes his friend shred.

The story is a true adventure of superheroes who this time have four legs instead of two: the fate of the Earth is actually in the hands of an atypical gang consisting of two dogs, a squirrel, a pig and a turtle, who will have to fight, with their newly acquired superpowers, against an army of pigs and cats. The merciless cheerful Guinean.

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DC League of Superbeats It’s a fun movie and a great comeback to the cinema especially for the little ones.

What doesn’t work in the DC League of superpets

The movie was distributed by Warner Bros. It’s definitely a work meant for younger audiences, even if it doesn’t fail to entertain those who are older with some well-balanced jokes and well-crafted comic scenes.

The film is released in theaters from September 1 with Warner Bros..

direction: Jared Stern and Sam Levine in voices: Original: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, Kate McKinnon – Italian Version: Pasquale Lillo Petrolo, Marcello Machia Period: 106 minutes village: United States of America distribution: Warner Bros. Italy

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