Days Gone on PC, Sony Bend Studio lists improvements and features –

Days passed Next PC, By Steam and Epic Games Store, and the team Sony Bend Studio On Twitter to quickly retrieve a list of Improvements and features Which you’ll find in the Windows version of the previously exclusive PS4 game.

Therefore, the release date for Days Gone is set on PC April 26, 2021, So it wasn’t long before it arrived in this new version WindowsAnd, these are the specific features that Bend Studio announced through his Twitter account, as we can see in the message below with lots of gif-meme with protagonist Deacon:

  • Extremely wide screen support
  • Frame rate unlocked
  • Improved graphics
  • Achievements support
  • else

It is clear that the developers did not go into much detail in clarifying the improvements applied to Days Gone on the PC, but at the same time we can get an idea of ​​these, pending more accurate tests and analyzes in this regard. At least, the Frame rate unlocked This means that we will be able to play 60+ fps In case you have a good computer, plus up to a higher resolution 4K.

Meanwhile, computer requirements, images and details were released as early as February, shortly after Windows was announced. Days Gone is the first new collection of Sony’s games, previously exclusive PS4, to arrive on PC starting this spring, waiting to discover the other titles.

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