Davis and his “brothers”: Canada’s sports wonder returns to the World Cup after 36 years

Canada returns after 36 years to play the World Cup. He does so by qualifying with at least one round and leaving the two superpowers Mexico and the United States behind, but without ever losing to both. Exciting, if we think about the history of the selection in which I wrapped up participation in the only world championship with zero points and zero goals. Less surprising, if we consider how the new generation brings to the fore players who are proving themselves at the highest levels in Europe.

The first sign was Bayern Munich winning the Champions League in 2020, which allowed Canada to enter the geography of European football: Alfonso Davis He is the first representative of a North American country to raise the trophy with two big ears to the sky, moreover, he is the protagonist.

A sign of significant growth in a country that has always been confined to the periphery of football, but something has changed over the past few years: the cornerstone was laid in 2007, with Toronto joining the Major League Soccer. It is followed by Vancouver (2011) and Montreal (2012). It sounds amazing, but the country didn’t have a professional league until 2019. The Canadian Premier League in April will see its fourth season, with 8 teams initially. An important step to allow football to grow.

sports , footballwhich is becoming increasingly popular among young people. So much so that it has become one of the most popular sports in schools. We’re still light years away from ice hockey, but something is moving. And the influence of Jonathan Davies proves it. But the Bayern player isn’t the only one he can brag about: Jonathan DavidTo name a few, he is among the top scorers in the French League. He arrived in France after one season monstre In Gent (23 goals in 40 matches), he earned the call of Lille. Transferring 30 million euros made him the most expensive Canadian in history. Otaiba for years Hutchinson Runs around the Old Continent: Copenhagen, PSV and Besiktas in the curriculum of today’s midfielder is 39 years old and always owned by Besiktas striker Kyle. RINHe also scored in this edition of the UEFA Champions League.

The national team is also growing and a return to the World Cup after 36 years is not only an important signal for the football movement, but also the best possible venue for the 2026 edition, which will see Canada as host, along with the United States. and Mexico. Doing well now means getting kids to fall in love with a sport that is currently less popular than hockey and lacrosse.

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