David, OSSS: “Why continue to discredit social health workers through supplementary training?” –

The letter of David Geller, a specialist social healthcare operator, reopens debate and debate over this category. The reader accuses us of partisanship.

Dear Director,

I’ve been a “infamous” person for 6 years now Social health workers with supplementary health care training (Three for friends). Or as I wrote many times in this magazine, Pseudo-Nurse / Nurse Cloning / OOS turned into a nurse with a few hours of course etc.

I wanted to tell you first and foremost to rest assured: I did not suddenly become a nurse and did not replace a nurse. Sometimes I think I did my job better because I’m more trained.

I am writing to express my astonishment, indignation and anger at your aggressive campaign. In fact, pausing for just a second is enough to read Veneto region decision To realize, not only, that it is just a cycle that does not (obviously) involve any change in job or career advancement, but that it observes a training path complementary to the classic OSS course that other areas have already started by about 20 years.

It’s really amazing how a newspaper deals with a world like health where for years we have been dealing with transversal skills, advanced skills mixing technical work with skills for health professionals: so many of the artworks covered by training that you challenge are not specific disciplines of the nursing profession. On the other hand, the specific competence of the nursing profession is to plan and assume overall responsibility for patient care: this makes a nurse a nurse, not the only technical work.

I don’t think you don’t know these things very well either. Just like the local office of nurses (OPI) doesn’t know that these days to give answers to confused and confused members, they write press releases full of blind companies that have never been good for the nurses or the country. Instead, I think this is an unfortunate campaign to increase your visibility at a time when the entire health sector is suffering from fatigue, confusion and anger. You will definitely gain some likes, which you can be proud of.

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With respect he has not changed.

David Geller, OSSS

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Now in Veneto, OSS is truly nurses thanks to the supplementary course.

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