David Letterman makes Kim Kardashian cry in “My Next Guest”

David Letterman’s next guest needs a Kleenex.

In a Trailer for the Third Season of the Netflex Series “My next guest needs no introductionLong-time talk show host makes Kim Kardashian cry.

“I wonder why I cry?” The 39-year-old star thinks about her tears. “I’ve talked about this before.”

We’re not sure what the topic of conversation is, but it might be a selfie or maybe Letterman’s ignorance about what AirDrop is and how it can share a used selfie. Or maybe she is Upside down relationship With husband Kanye West.

The two-minute video raises three other clips as well, including one with “Iron Man” and “Avengers” star Robert Downey Jr., 55, who appears ready and willing to share the details of his previous prison.

“I’m uncomfortable,” says Letterman, 72, as he closes the bars in that onstage conversation and at Downey’s farm of alpacas and sheep. Letterman also chimes with Lizzo in her home studio, as she opens her doors to body shaming by the public.

“When I was wearing a leotard on stage and saying, ‘Love myself,’ people were like, ‘How dare you love herself? How can she do that? Lezzo, 32, tells Letterman, who points out that the negative reaction is due to envy.

“I know I’m beautiful and I’m successful, so – Hah! – They make fun of me now, “she says, interspersing her announcement with a loud laugh.

In another featured interview, Letterman asks comedian Dave Chappelle about the ongoing wave of black murders – like George Floyd And the Briona Taylor – By the police.

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“I was shocked that no one had ever spoken about how it feels when you see a man killed in this way, by a man in police uniform. I don’t want retroactive justice. I don’t want you to understand them when I’m dead,” says Chappelle, 47. I want you to stop that. “

Chappelle also asks Letterman, “Do you smoke marijuana, Dave?” Which the host suggests is “as loud as a kite” as they talk.

The second four-episode season begins on October 21 on Netflix.

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