David Letterman gives an interview to Zelensky in the Kyiv metro, the crew on the train platform

The video of the Letterman TV crew interviewing the Ukrainian prime minister in an unusual location, for his show on Netflix, is spreading in an unusual location. Two reclining chairs on the Kyiv metro platform. Moreover, this is his first interview with a Head of State in office.

Interview to say the least strange, that David Letterman to me Ukrainian President Zelensky. The famous American conductor decided to meet the Prime Minister at a station Kyiv metro, perfectly in operation. The video, filmed by a member of Zelensky’s staff, went viral on social media.

Letterman chooses an unusual location to meet Ukraine’s prime minister

Barack Obama, Will Smith, Kim Kardashian are just some of the most famous faces who have agreed to submit to an interview with Letterman for his show No Introduction Needed, which has been on Netflix since 2018. Among the new episodes there is also an interview with the Ukrainian president. Volodymyr Zelensk, which the conductor chose to build in a somewhat unusual place. The TV is fully set up with the signature lounge chairs in Kyiv metro tunnel, with the crew directly on the train platform. The conversation goes smoothly, despite the fact that one of the subway trains full of passengers is traveling at a speed of a few centimeters. The video, filmed by Serhiy Lyshinkom, and posted on Twitter by the independent Belarusian media Netta Tv.

This is Letterman’s first interview with a current head of state

After the announcement of Netflix, it is no longer a secretEmployee Zelensky said, announcing that the interview would be broadcast by the end of 2022. This is Letterman’s first interview with a current head of state on his show. previously, ‘My Netx guest needs no introduction(This is the format’s original title) He was his first ever guest Barack Obamain 2018. Since then, 4 seasons have been broadcast for a total of 24 episodes featuring mostly characters from the entertainment world.

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