Danielle Skardina, now showing a video: What happened

The sports world holds its breath for conditions to Daniel Scardinawhich, despite its seriousness, is still there Fixed. After he underwent head surgery two days ago, the athlete’s condition has stabilized. Meanwhile, an attempt is being made to clarify the accused disease in the gymnasium, and the version of events seems unmistakable. boxer manager, Alessandro Churchi, She was able to confirm – at the end of the training session – that Skardina was fine. “I was not present in the gym – the boxer’s manager confirmed – but I saw video As he can be seen exiting the ring without any issues. I can add that Daniele was not disqualified during training.”

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Mixed, severe ear pain and sensory loss

The certificate is correct but as explained by the professor Mario Ireneo SturlaDoctor specializing in sports medicine, a sudden movement of the head would be enough to cause the veins of the bridge to undergo a torsion resulting in a cerebral hemorrhage. And this is, perhaps, the most plausible scientific explanation for what happened: in fact, when the athlete returned to the locker room, he experienced severe pain in his ear and collapsed to the floor, losing consciousness.

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The Milan prosecutor opened a file

The doctor said, “He told us that Daniele is in a stable condition, that we need patience and we have to pray,” said Cherchi A Newspaper – It’s part of the game, it’s a sport where you get punched in the face, you don’t throw the ball. But there could be many reasons, Daniele may have been confirmed in this period ”. Meanwhile, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office is monitoring the Skardina case but has not opened any files: it seems confirmed disease hypothesis. The manager said again, “I have been given a video in which Daniele can be seen exiting the ring without problems, before going into the dressing room.” He collapsed unconscious until he fled to the Humanitas Hospital in Rozzano where Daniele underwent head surgery: a complex, timely and technically successful operation.

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