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Daniele Dini’s video from Livorno has been awarded “Best Drone Video” in the UK

Emerging video maker, actor and director, this is Daniele Digne who, thanks to his short film shot in the Carrara marble quarries, won an award at the European Film Festival in London

Friday 12 November 2021 – 00:55

by Chiara Montesano

IImagine being alone in a Carrara marble quarry at sunset. These photos, taken by drone, allowed Leghorn Daniel Denny to win the prize asBest drone video” everyone’UK European Film Festival in London.

We reached out to Daniele by phone to tell us about this wonderful experience, and this is what he told us.

Hi Daniel, you just won a great award for best video created with a drone but you’re taking away the curiosity, is making videos your job or is it a passion?
“It’s my second job. My first job is to work in the reception of a 4 star hotel Livorno. My second job is as an actor, I’ve worked on the Eolo ad in Garfagnana and I’m also a video maker. I’m a budding director, I made my first movie called “lucky”. I will enter it at the Cannes Film Festival and write my second short story, the genre Historical“.

How many years have you been a video maker?
“I have a YouTube channel that I opened 4-5 years ago when I started making travel videos.”

Tell us about the award you won.
“It’s the European Film Festival in the UK. There is The different categories in which prizes can be won. I made a video with the drone and ran it in this category. I went on a Sunday when the quarries were closed; I always shoot during the golden hour of sunset. It was cool because I was alone in the middle of the quarries.”

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Is this the first prize you’ve won?
“It was the first time but I have other videos and short films in other festivals.”

How did you come up with this idea?
“My first short shot is on a planet other than Earth. I was looking for a location that wasn’t Earth for exampleI went to do Numerous inspections and among them also quarries. I realized it wasn’t good for the movie but I made use of it to get a video for my YouTube channel and to have it compete in some festivals.”

Below is the video that won the award

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