Daniel Jones and Jason Jarrett expect to return to the Giants’ team

It looks like the Giants will be doing Jason Jarrett plays for Daniel Jones with their season at stake.

after a week Freddie Kitchens, Reserve Attack Coordinator Midfielder Colt McCoy has teamed up to produce six points in the Browns’ loss, and Garrett and Jones are expected to return to their usual roles on Sunday against the Ravens, barring any setbacks.

Jones was initially in the cast during Thursday’s training and moved around pocket in rehearsals without the noticeable limp he had previously shown.

Coach Joe Judge said: “I think some of the moves that we took last week with him, despite the difficulty of sitting with double wounds, helped solve some of those situations.” “All of the comments we’ve received medically is that he kept getting better and he’s less likely to be affected.”

The Giants increased training intensity for Jones from Wednesday – when the judge was “really cheerful” with the way the midfielder did – to Thursday when the plan was for him to “jump straight into his natural turn and move on.” They will return to the square on Friday as part of a short three-hour day to make way for family Christmas time.

“If he is able to play, we intend to play with him,” Judge said. “We have come [Wednesday’s] Practice feeling like we are on the right track. “

Garrett was in quarantine Since testing positive for COVID-19 On December 16th. Since he’s participated in all of the Zoom meetings even while he’s absent from practices, Judge feels comfortable handing over the toys to Garrett on Sunday.

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Daniel Jones, Jason Jarrett Giants
Daniel Jones and Jason Jarrett
New York Post: Charles Winselberg

It is unclear if Garrett will be out of the NFL protocol to travel with the team on Saturday or if he will have to travel alone and join the team on match day.

Judge said, “We are still waiting for two points of clarity, but we expect him to be in the game calling out for play and on the sidelines. Jason has done a really good job tweaking the way he has had to work, staying in touch with players, and staying in touch with the device. Technician. Freddy did a really good job managing everything in practice. “

Even giants of full strength will be filled with crows. It is the No. 31 offense against the No. 4 scoring defense – and the Giants (5-9) are eliminated from the play-off match with Washington losing and defeating Panthers.

“For many reasons, we have to better finish driving,” Judge said. “When we’re down there [to the red zone] We need to come up with points. This is not something that we condone internally. “

When asked whether the Giants need Santa Claus to bring more insult to Christmas, the Kitchens said: “If you know him and want to get him to send us some of what you’ve been talking about, don’t hesitate. That is, the sprite on the shelf, Mrs. Claus. Anything.” “

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