Dangerous double scam operation in the name of Esselunga and Amazon

Thirty years after Amazon was created, the new message on the supermarket chain’s anniversary has sparked debate.

A new scam message discovered by tells of a fake memory of the Esselunga supermarket chain.

The text of the message would be about celebrating the 70th anniversary, but it actually turned out to be a scam.

Obviously, the link that should connect to a potential win for some gift is wrong and wipes out the account.

A few weeks ago, a similar scam attempt was run on another major brand.

In fact, many messages have arrived about the online sales giant Amazon: Some users might actually see some messages delivered Donates With exaggerated discounts or even gifts on products sold by the American giant.

Those who know and follow the Amazon story well will also know that it was founded by a billionaire Jeff Bezos It dates back to July 5 1994 In Washington, therefore, through these little details, you can feel the smell of burning.

In the end, mathematics is not an opinion: from 94 ‘to today we count 26 years, and twenty-seventh … not 30!

Moreover, it owns the same company Officially announced Not to offer any promotional offers related to products as gifts or discounts.

The Message To whom exactly this text quotes are sent: AMAZON.IT: Hi we have tried to contact you regarding your gift. To request it, follow this link: …

Obviously, the link you are then sent to is an external Amazon website that has nothing to do with the promotion.

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Then the dynamics of the fraud happen quickly: the link that is opened invites the user Pay a paltry sum Hand the gift home, but that’s the trick to draining the account.

The Landing page It’s specially created to make it look like he’s trying Trolling Therefore, the truth is the touch of the master and deceives the many who, unfortunately, fall into the trap of the fake gift and find themselves in trouble.

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