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Czech Republic takes bronze by defeating the United States – OA Sport

In the 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup, The United States will remain off the podium. In fact, in the bronze medal final, the Americans were grouped together and clearly beat the Czech Republic 8-4 Who thus received a very heavy medal. Let’s see how it goes in detail.

The first period is crackling: one brand and two Dole with goals by Coleman and Judit, then the Czech 1-2 with Cernusz, and when everything suggests rest, here’s again Coleman’s trademark unleashing the 1-3 match From the first twenty minutes. In the second part, the tempo decreases slightly, the chances are reduced, and in these moments the irony makes a difference:Smejkal, a 2-3 goal that reopens the games.

The third “healing”: Teams abandon anchors. The Czech Republic flies on the wings of enthusiasm by entering the decisive combination: 3-3 by Pastrnak, then 4-3 worth overtaking with Cervenka and then 5-3 again with Pastrnak. The United States is upset.

European selection hits the iron while it’s hot. Kampf, who scored two goals in four minutes and eliminated the score: 6-3 7-3, shines. There is no longer a game, only time for the last question and answer on the board Bordeleau-Pastrnak, where the latter put the stamp on an amazing trilogy. 8-4 closes. The match and the bronze medal from the Czech Republic are waiting to be understood who will get the gold medal between Finland and Canada.

Photo: Carola Cimino

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