Cyclocross, Fayetteville US World Championships: Track, Favorites, Race Schedule & Complete Guide

On January 29 and 30 it will be held in Fayetteville, in Arkansas, the 72nd edition of the UCI World Championships (List of Honor). The second time in the United States, and more generally, outside the European continent after the 2013 World Cup in Louisville, Kentucky. A route that has already been used this season for the second stage of the World Cup which saw Quentin Hermanns’ victories between men and Lucinda Brand among women. At that edge rain and wind accompanied the runners, making the race one of the most intense muddy From this vintage. But if it didn’t rain, it would be an entirely different test that could flip the odds. Even if, let’s talk about the masculine, challenge between Matthew van der Pol e Wout van Aert. The two players who have been playing for the world champion title, one against the other, for 8 years now.
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Where to watch the Fayetteville World Cup


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All cyclocross races of this season will be broadcast live Eurosport player (also on TIMVISION) and beyond Discover +, the new Discovery service in October with the best entertainment and sports programs at Eurosport. You can also catch some of the tests live on Eurosport 1 (Sky 210 channel, also available on DAZN). All stages will be available upon request on Eurosport Player and Discovery+.

Van Aert Van der Poel details: The moment that decided the race


This version of the World Cup will be held in Centennial Park, a 3.1 km track built especially for the season. In addition to the World Cup, it has in fact hosted one of the 16 stages of the World Cup and is poised to become a permanent stop on the track, even if it will require riders to travel to the United States. At 3.1 kilometers of the road, we will have a short climb, But everything is so steep. In addition to a series of obstacles that will force riders to get off their bike constantly. Look at the long staircase stone 34 degrees Which will certainly be decisive for the final victory.

The 34 Step Stairs on Fayetteville Road

Foto credit from the official website

53 meters in height Around. This path – despite many obstacles – is not considered very technical. Instead, both riders who tested it early in the season, and American cyclists who have already tried it, report road speed And how critical curve management can be. However, it all depends on weather conditions. Speech Speed In fact, you will be in dry conditions, due to the large amount of grass on the track. On the contrary, with rain and wind, the question will come into play Technique From every runner there will be fun.

Just to get an idea, on October 13th, the men’s race was completed in 54’55” (7 laps) in a ridiculous state of mud and wind made the race fun, but also very challenging for every runner, including the winner Quentin Hermanns. Female, beat it Lucinda Brandfinished at 51’46” (6 rolls).

Solo by Quentin Hermans, this time out by Esserbet

Rain and Mud: Lucinda Brand wins the Battle of Fayetteville

and favorites

Van der Poel vs. Van Aert, or else there would be a surprise Bidcock? Yes, because there is a lot of uncertainty in males. after words from artWho does not guarantee his presence in the World Cup due to the trip to the United States echoed Van der Boyle. Not for the rhetoric of “transfer”, but for the physical condition of the Dutch player who is still deficient after the problems he had with his back. And that this is the time for Badcock? Who knows… after the Olympic title in Mountain Bike, he wants to complete work on it off road He also wants to win the world title in cyclocross. And this track is very reminiscent of the MTB track…there is no game behind these athletes, even if they were going to try to get a place on the podium anyway eserbetAnd Quentin Hermanns (Winner here in the World Cup) e show arts Which ranked third twice in the last two editions.


Matthew van der Poel, Wute van Aert *****

Tom Bidcock ****

Eli Esserbet, Quentin Hermans, Toon Airs***

Michael Fanthornhout **

Lars van der Haar, Cornet van Kessel, Gianni Vermeersch, Lorenz Swick, Tim Merlier*

On the ice, ART WINS: Relive the victory in Val di Sol


The challenge has already been announced among women Lucinda Brand e Marian Voss (At the World Cup, the brand won the same track.) They were the strongest of the season and the most honored behind them, and therefore they will try to reclaim the title of world champion. For the brand, it will be the second time in a row, for Vos, it will be the eighth time in his career. He hasn’t won since 2014, but this year the Dutchman is really strong. But watch out for the young women who could already have their say: kata fasAnd Peters e from ambel They really showed something important in this old model.

Lucinda Brand, Marian Voss *****

Denis Betsima, Blanca Cata Fas, Clara Hunsinger****

Wim van Impel, Buck Peters, Magali Rochet ***

Anne Marie Wurst, Yara Castelen**

Eva Lechner, Sanne Cant, Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado *

Vos regroups them all, but hits barriers

The novelty of the Relay team

As now also in road cycling, we shall see – for the first time – team relay Also in the Cycling World Championships, in a test that awards medals. The race to open the Fayetteville World Championships will be on January 28. Each national team will have a relay made up of 1 male elite cross racer, 1 female elite cross racer, two runners in the under-23 and male junior classes, and two runners in the under-23 class and a female class. Each rider selected by the coach must have run at least one World Cup event during the season.

Giuel Bertolini on the floor too: What a hit on the tables

One draw will be made the day before the race to form the starting grid, which will wear the number 1 and the exchange chests. How it works? Each runner will have to complete a full course and reach the end zone and “touch” his teammate who will start a new course.

Van Impel beats a beat: Eva Lechner rejoices, it’s 4th!

racing program

Friday January 28

12.30: team relay;

Saturday January 29

11.00: junior competition;

13.00: men’s under-23 race;

2.30pm: Elite Women’s Race;

Sunday January 30

11.00: men’s junior race;

13.00: women’s under-23 race;

2.30 p.m.: Men’s Elite Race;

Van Aert rests for a moment and flies… on the ground


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