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Nothing to do for Italy than to strive for the women’s team on this second day of competition for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. As expected, the Blues lost the match to Germany and failed to qualify for the final for gold. On top of that, Bill Baysey’s reps hit time that didn’t even allow them to clear the pass for the final awarding the bronze medal. Leticia Paternoster, Vittoria Guazzini, Rachel Barbieri and Elisa Balsamo can all be consoled, knowing that they set the new Italian record: 4’10 063″.

The day started with Australia who immediately posted a very important time, 4’09″ 992, in the match against New Zealand. But Canada, against France, did better by stopping the clock at 4’09 249 .. In the following batteries, the first to award the pass to the final for gold, an epic challenge was broadcast between the United Kingdom and the United States.

Chloe Dygert and her teammates started out stronger, but after two kilometers the two national teams were traveling at the same times. But in the final, the Brits proved they had more and printed the world record at 4’06 748. In the last challenge, Italy traveled in times similar to those of Germany in the first two kilometres, but after that, the blues quickly descended.

However, the Teutonics test was really amazing. Although Krueger and his teammates did not need to do their best in the final, in fact they managed to break the aforementioned record of Great Britain. Germany printed the new world record at 4’06 159. Now it will be Germany – UK for gold, US and Canada for bronze.

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