Cyberpunk 2077 has an unofficial visual novel in exciting colors loved by Projekt RED – CD

If there is one thing that is successful in Cyberpunk 2077 movie It’s Night City, and a setting rich in characters and stories has also inspired parallel productions like the one here. Cyberbang 2069, a visual novel It is obviously inspired by CD Projekt RED but it is an unofficial game, which, however, was also loved by the developers of the Polish team.

The game is actually a visual novel, or an adventure that mainly focuses on the narrative, allowing you to deepen Relationships between characters Taken from the world of Cyberpunk 2077 with the possibility of romantic and possibly sexual implications, although in this aspect a distinction must be made between the two available versions of the game.

Cyberbang 2069 is distributed free of charge in two versions: One NSFW and one SFW, that is, the first with explicit clarifications and descriptions regarding the sexual implications of relationships, while the second is local, with no explicit references to these sections.

More episodes are planned for the game, with this first episode focusing primarily on Sandayu Oda, but with more additions that should also include Goro Takemura, Johnny Silverhand, and Victor Vektor. In the description, the developers explained that there is no official relationship with Cyberpunk 2077, being a project Make a casual fan, but CD Projekt RED appears to have appreciated the team’s initiative, as evidenced by the above tweet from Patrick K Mills. It should be noted, in fact, that the project appears very respectful of the game’s original lore, with reasonable insights about the characters involved and in keeping with the setting created by the main game. You can find Cyberbang 2069 at this is the address, in both the SFW and NSFW versions, obviously with the age restrictions shown on the page.

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