Cyber ​​attacks, CRIF: In Italy in the second half of 2020 + 56.7%

(Teleborsa) – The pandemic has opened up more opportunities Hacker To make by themselves Criminal activities, Along with extensive use of the web by an expanding audience of users. Compared to the first half of 2020, in fact, in the second half of the year it grew by 56.7%. Users The Italians Who received a notification b attack Computer scientist At the expense of their personal data. In particular, the data refers to alerts about the information found in dark The web (A group of web environments that do not appear through normal internet browsing activities and require specific browsers or targeted searches), which are roughly twice that of the general internet.

Typically, accounts linked to entertainment (Especially online games and live broadcasts) they are most likely to steal personal data (51.5% of all cases). On the other hand, they are social network It saw a big increase in risk, jumping from 1.6% to 31.8%. This is some of the clues that have emerged fromCyber ​​Observatory Known b Crave, Which aims to analyze the vulnerability of people and companies to cyber attacks and explain the main trends related to the data presented in the open web and dark web environments, the type of information, the areas where the data traffic is concentrated and the countries most exposed, in addition to providing some ideas for dealing with cyber risks in a conscious manner.

“Observatory data is increasing awareness of the vulnerability of private and business data. The use of digital data has accelerated greatly due to the epidemic, and it has entered into the habits of buying and using many people. At the same time, he explained that many companies have started the activity of providing their products and services through E-commerce, and therefore it necessarily has to create a website and manage online orders. Beatrice Robini, CEO de Creve.

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In view of the ranking of countries most affected by the phenomenon of e-mail and password theft on the Internet, the United States of America, Russia, France and Germany came in the top, followed by the United Kingdom and Italy, which ranked sixth in general. They complete Top 10 Poland, the Czech Republic, Japan and Brazil.

“The Victims They are usually men, in 65.6% of cases, between the ages of 41 and 60, with approximately 54% of the total. There are undoubtedly some behaviors that can benefitally mitigate risks. For example, on the consumer side, the point of interest is represented by the ways in which we define and manage it password Linked to different accounts and the interest we respond to emails, letters or phone calls. the side Business, Who have a website or e-commerce site, it is important to ensure the protection systems but also to immediately intercept potential security vulnerabilities resulting from legacy software or service configurations, ”added Rubini.

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